Oscar de Bruyn Kops, Holland, The World Bank in Warsaw 2007

This is a very late thank you for the intensive Polish language training you organized for me at your Calleo School of Polish from June 4th til 15th. I very much enjoyed the 2 weeks of intensive language training in June which gave me an excellent base to build on as I continue my training in Warsaw. I really enjoyed the way you teach the language – professionally and always with a smile! I was impressed how you managed the program flexibly to take my preferences into account. Besides your excellent organization, I was impressed by the wonderful hospitality you extended during the two weeks and by the nice atmosphere you created through your positive approach and great sense of humor. I remember those smiles on your faces as you explained the difficult aspects of the language ? ?See, it is not difficult?! The evening tuition sessions around town were a great way to put your teachings into practice and to also help me better understand the cultural and historic foundations of beautiful Krakow city. Many thanks again to you for all the hospitality and warmth, and looking forward to meeting again in Krakow, Warsaw, or elsewhere.