Summer Olsson Co-Artistic Director, Tricklock Company, Albuquerque, USA 2009

I am writing to give my recommendation to the Calleo School. It is a fantastic place, with a relaxed atmosphere, at which to study the language. I attended both individual lessons and group classes in the spring of 2009. My experience with the teachers and staff at the school was absolutely first rate. They are friendly, full of energy and fluent in English. I was able to set my own schedule for individual lessons. My teacher for these lessons immediately determined how much I could take in, and set a pace that was right for me. If I had difficulty with a subject, we spent as much time as was needed on it. She was very knowledgeable in the history of Polish language, as well as grammar and conversational usage. I truly felt that she was invested in me as a student, and wanted to help me achieve communication. The group classes were a fantastic compliment to my studies. The teacher of the group was able to communicate with students in several languages, allowing for a truly international class. The level of experience of those present dictated what the group lessons were, and how advanced. The Calleo School method of teaching seemed to relay all important elements of a language together, so I was learning pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary from several relevant areas all at once. However, I did not feel overwhelmed. Instead, my teachers made me feel confident, and that I was making progress, and that learning Polish was indeed possible. I would absolutely recommend Calleo School of Polish to anyone who wants to study Polish. Whether someone is serious about becoming fluent, or just wants to speak enough to have a visit, the school can guide them to their goal. I had a wonderful experience there, and will be studying there again whenever I return to Poland.