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Polish Group courses

Those who like meeting new people, talk and enjoy a good company, should join our Polish group courses.


We offer


− small groups (4-8 persons)

− lowest rates for groups in Kraków – only PLN 290/month

− convenient monthly payment system

− flexible hours for individual students

− free extra learning materials

− interesting discussion clubs

− competent teachers, nice atmosphere in classes

− meeting people from all over the globe



Come to our free demo lesson and check how we teach!



Group courses are held in two blocks:

2 x 45 minutes twice a week


Application form

Hereby, we inform that You can withdraw your consent at any time by sending an e-mail to info@calleo.pl from the e-mail address that your consent applies to. We also inform that You are not being profiled. Your data will not be shared outside Calleo.School of Polish nor handed over to any other organisations.

Classes leads

  • Paulina Domagała Lektor języka polskiego
  • Joanna Klimek Lektor języka polskiego
  • Agnieszka Tas lektor języka polskiego