B2 Certificate

How to get an official certificate confirming proficiency in Polish?

Certificates in Polish as a foreign language are issued by a Polish department called the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language. In order to receive a certificate a candidate needs to pass an examination organized by the above-mentioned Commission. Any foreigner or Polish citizen residing abroad can take the examination regardless if they have ever learnt Polish language. The certificate examinations are staged on three levels of language proficiency: B1 – basic; B2 – general intermediate; C2 – advanced. People who on the examination day are at least 16 may sit the B1 and B2 examination. People aged 18 and more may take the C2 examination. The examinations are organized at least 3 times a year (spring, summer and autumn). Detailed information on the examination dates are available at www.certyfikatpolski.pl. In order to take the examination, one needs to submit an application form and pay an examination fee. The application form is available at www.certyfikatpolski.pl. The examination fee is:
  • basic (B1): 60 EUR
  • general intermediate (B2): 80 EUR
  • advanced (C2): 100 EUR
The certificate confirming the proficiency in Polish as a foreign language at a given level is issued upon paying a certificate fee which is 20 EUR. The fee is paid in PLN in accordance with the exchange rate (EUR into PLN) provided by the NBP (National Bank of Poland) on the day of submitting the fee into the bank account of Bureau for Academic Recognition and International Exchange. The bank account number is available at: www.buwiwm.edu.pl and www.certyfikatpolski.pl After submitting the application form a candidate will receive a confirmation of registration via e-mail and traditional post. They will also be informed about the date and place of the examination. The examination will take place on condition there will be at least 20 registered candidates. Detailed information on the examination structure, assessment criteria, educational materials and regulations is available at the above-mentioned websites. The results are sent about 6 weeks after the examination. If the result is positive, a foreigner receives a certificate. After submitting the fee, an original certificate confirming the proficiency in Polish as a foreign language is sent via post.